2009-12-21 20:34:51

Craig Ferguson has problems with airlines, too

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2008-11-10 23:27:27

Anniversary Vacation In Mexico

Meredith and I decided to take a week long vacation to Mexico this year to celebrate our second year anniversary. Meredith like it so much, she's talking about buying a place down there permanently!




Ek Balam

Yal Ku

Chichen Itza

Ik Kil


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2008-10-09 19:55:31

Pictures of Hong Kong

Hong Kong was a blast! There was so much to do and see that there was no way to fit it into a 2 week trip. I'm looking forward to going again, but next time with Meredith.



Ngong Ping

Diamond Hill

Shau Kei Wan

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2008-09-20 19:16:04

Preparing for Hong Kong

I've been getting ready for my upcoming trip to Hong Kong, and as part of the process, I've been setting up a Google "My Maps" of the places I want to visit.

I decided to go on this trip just a week ago, since I found a fantastic fare on Delta. Overall, I was able to pay for the ticket, and 8 nights in a Marriott for less than the airplane ticket to Saigon, which is where I was originally headed.

One of the things I'm very excited about is the chance to visit some Hong Kong tailors personally. I've ordered from Hemrajani Brothers before, but this will be the first chance I've had to actually talk directly to the tailors, rather than the traveling salesman. I've marked down a few tailors on the map that I'll be visiting on the first day that I'm there (leaving plenty of time for second or third fittings during the rest of the trip), and I'll post my reviews afterwards.

view the full sized map

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2008-09-01 16:00:13

England - August 2008 for Meredith's Birthday

Meredith and I went over to London, England this year for her birthday. We saw some sights, went to a couple shows, and ate at some excellent restaurants.

Hampton Court

Westminster Abbey


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