2008-03-07 20:55:23

Cisco Fibre Switch OID

There is a lot of information out on the web concerning Cisco Ethernet switches, but almost nothing concerning their Fibre switch line. Naturally, that's due in large part to the fact that Cisco is fairly new to the fibre switch scene.

I've been working on setting up RRDTool graphing for some Cisco 9513, 9124 and 9020 fibre switches, but ran into a minor problem. Cisco Fibre switch OIDs do not correspond to Cisco Ethernet switch OIDs for things like CPU and Memory information. They probably made it like that since the Fibre switches actually use a modified Linux kernel and run SANos, rather than IOS. Interface statistics are unchanged, fortunately.

This is where the lack of information regarding Cisco Fibre switches rears its ugly head. Not even on Cisco's own website can you find information about which IOD from the SNMPv2-SMI MIB file matchs CPU percentage used, much less anywhere else on the Internet.

In the end, I was able to discover the information, but it takes an ugly kludge to do so. The trick was to fire up Cisco's Fabric Manager software, which connects to the Fibre switches via SNMP v.3 ... fortunately, only the authentication part of SNMP v.3 is actually encrypted. When the Fibre switches responded, I had Wireshark capture the packets, which contained the OID strings in plain text.

Cisco 9513 Name Cisco 9513 OID
CPU Percent Used
Memory Percent Used
Bootflash Size
Bootflash Available
Processor RAM

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James Conner