2008-05-22 22:41:31

American Airlines fee increases

It's amazing the amount of fuss and furor that is taking place due to American Airline's decision to charge $15 for the first bag checked on each flight; yet hardly anyone has mentioned the other outrageous fee hikes that accompanied that decision. For example, a 50% increase in the cost to re-book all flights. Want to travel with Rover? Another 50% fee increase. Unaccompanied minor? Tack on another 33%.

I think people are taking the wrong tact about the baggage, to be honest. If AA wants to charge for the first bag checked, then by all means, they should. However, they should also be held to the commitment of delivering said bag. According to AA, they have no intention of issuing refunds if they lose your luggage. I'm still trying to figure out the logic of that one. Why should people pay money if AA can't deliver the goods? In the name of good customer service, they should make it standard policy to issue a refund in the case of lost luggage.

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James Conner